Sunday, October 7, 2012

Polartec Powerstretch Hardface Fleece + Jalie 2679

I’m not done working on my jacket but I just wanted to share what I’ve been working on lately. I decided to make myself a cozy jacket from Jalie 2679. I’ve made this jacket a few times before and it’s always a winner. I wish Jalie would just start looking to Athleta for inspiration (why can’t they make me a pattern for these pants? or these?) and make some patterns for their fantastic clothing. I’ve never bought anything from Athleta but I love their stuff. So bright, so fun, so functional! Anyway, I figured this pattern would be the perfect thing for this new fabric I have. I’m going to make the main body out of the charcoal gray and the arms will be the Nike Dri-Fit fabric in black.


I also put some of this fabric up in the Etsy store for ya’ll. You guys bought up my Nike Dri-Fit and Dri-Fit Pants material in a few hours. I did talk to my supplier and once I know the the two new bolts are on their way to me (yes, I said two more bolts!!!) I will sell my stock of that black fabric. That’ll take a day or two though. I will let you know if it happens.



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