Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vogue 1250–Another One!

This has just got to be the best fitting all-around dress. There are 93 reviews over at and I’ve never seen a version on other people that wasn’t flattering. This is my third dress out of this pattern. This fabric is one I picked up in San Diego at the Swap Meet. It’s a silky polyester/spandex. I would wear this to work if I was way more covered up; like with a sweater or cardigan over it. I’m thinking it might be my Halloween party dress though.


What’s really weird about it is that it makes my right hip look funny. I’m pretty sure it’s just the way the pattern “points” to my hip though.


It was windy. I’m not intentionally being vampy. Or maybe I am. Bum ,bum, buuuum.


The back is my favorite part!


This fabric was a bitch to coverstitch until I tried using this water-soluble stabilizer with it. I put the stabilizer under the fabric and let the feed dogs pull the stabilizer along. That helped to pull the fabric along. Did I mention the fabric has some copper glitter in it?


Once I was done, I trimmed off the stabilizer, dipped it in hot water, and washed off all the gunk.


I was left with a perfect coverstitch on the other side!


Is this not cool fabric?? Oh, and yea, we have snow.


Claudine said...

priiiiiii-ty! Claudine (

Sandi Shover said...

nice - I have got to get that pattern!

Rachel C said...

Awesome fabric and an awesome dress. you look stunning.

Kat Campbell said...

The back is definitely an attention-grabber! This looks great on you :-)

Lisa P said...

Dawn you look beautiful. The fabric is great and the drape in your chosen fabric is perfect on the cowl.

Andrea said...

Beautiful fabric and dress. Looks great on you. Snow! I'm happy we are in the low 80's today. ;-)

la_magnifique said...

is it snow where you are?

I love the dress it is gorgeous well done!

Collene L said...

Oooooh la la! Love it. It should also be said: Great hair.

Digs Digs said...

Adorable dress - love the colour-blocking in the back. Gorgeous knit! But - snow this early? really??? wow. You'll be making parkas for the family next....

LauraM62 said...

Great looking dress on you, yes I would say its the print of the fabric that is accenting your hip. I noticed the snow, said to my hubby they must have snow in Alaska already :) I use the washable stabilizer when I have knits that don't play well --- doesn't it work great!