Monday, October 15, 2012

Why, yes. I do like brains . . .

What do you get when you add Zombie blood
and Zombie make-up????



You end up with some pretty awesome Zombies (plus a six-year old photo bomber).


I’ve wanted to do this Zombie Half Marathon for the past couple of years but there was always something going on. This year I only half-assed trained (as in, didn’t) and we still ran with okay time. These are my best girlfriends. I’ve known them since college (20 years now, ack) and we are still great friends. Trust me though, they are much more attractive than this!


This is at about mile eight (maybe?) and there are beautiful mountains behind us (trust me, they were there). We are each wearing about three layers because of the cold. It was in the high 20’s with a breeze.


I’m not wearing my Nike pants but I did end up modifying these Under Armour pants to fit my needs. I’ll have to post about that a little later.


I’ve been sewing so there is actually more posts to come this week!!!!

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