Thursday, March 21, 2013

Caribbean Cruise

I’m back and I’m alive but barely! Wow, I need a vacation from my vacation. Not too much time to write but you can see from the pictures that we had fun with a capital F. We went to the Princess Cays (which I’m not sure is a real place), Curacao, and Aruba. Bea-UUUUUUU-ti-FULLLLL. Little people had a blast. Haven't sewn a stitch since I’ve been back; I’m still trying to get all the laundry done. More later but I though you would enjoy some pictures.

113caribbean 792caribbean 8001caribbean 5711caribbean 5731caribbean 5961caribbean 6061caribbean 6561caribbean 2521caribbean 2571caribbean 2871caribbean 2911caribbean 297

I can sure tell you that both of my cameras got a workout!!!

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