Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kwiksew 3155 - Hooded Sweatshirt

I made a sweatshirt with this pattern last summer and wear it all the time. This time, I wanted a cozier version. Let’s see, this version is obviously the long-sleeved version. I added some bling to the v-neck because it was way too plain without it. I added an inch to the sleeve hems and folded them back to the RS and topstitched them. I added about an inch to the bottom and then added a double-folded, 3” hem. I like that it’s long enough to cover me booty.


You can see this is a french terry kind of fabric. It’s very cozy inside this top. It’s like being inside a sleeping bag.


In the hood, I pressed the seam and stitched it down so the SA looks nice. You’ll see this from the outside so I wanted it to look finished.


The bling is the same bling that I used here on this Burda top. It’s iron-on but very easy to position and use. It has not come off my other top and it’s been through several washings.



The two fun photos for the day. This is The Boy and will he ever grow into those teeth? This is an inside shot in the evening. Not too bad.


We are losing snow like crazy up here people Like. Crazy. Not that I’m complaining.


This is the last time you’ll hear from me for a while. I’m headed to the Caribbean. Yeeeeeeeeeah.


Andrea said...

Love the blinged hoodie! Have fun on the cruise, the warm sun is going to feel so good!

Becky said...

The hoodie is very cute! I like the bling, and the length. I like me booty covered as well. Yes, the boy will definitely grow into his teeth, then you will be wistful for the time when his teeth were too big for him! Hearing about how much snow you are losing seems ominous. Have a fabulous vacation.

marysews said...

I like your sweatshirt! Wave if you pass over FL!