Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Jalies - Pre-Order Tomorrow

I’ve been waiting for Jalie to publish new patterns for a looooooooong, long time people. I really like their new collection. I “harvested” these photos from their Facebook page but I think they’ll have them on their Jalie site tomorrow. I’m hoping they will also have the back of the page so we can see what sizes they offer for each pattern. Some of new patterns say “A Pattern for the Whole Family” and have 29 sizes. Others have their typical 22 sizes. Maybe the difference is the “family” one is for men and women and that’s why there are a few more sizes? Anyway, I’ve already picked out a few.


Cute but I have no ice skaters or gymnasts.


Again, cute.


This one I am buying for future use. This would make great swimsuits and I’m sure in the future my little girls will be in dance or something. I love the contrast panels. What fabric is Jalie using that is all shiny and stretchy? And how do you affix bling to it? It can’t be iron-on can it?


If I needed an underwear pattern, I would buy this one.


I might buy these but I want to see the back. And are they for knit or woven? I don’t see the stretch compass-rose thingie-dingie.


Funny, but no.


I will probably end up getting this one. I have a couple of raglan top patterns that fit me well but my kids could get years of wear from this.


This is cute but I can make one of these myself. And did Jalie take my idea and make a shrug?


I will buy this one because I’m always buying running shorts and running bras. This would also be great for swimsuits. I love all the top options. I would get years of use out of this.


I really like the design of this cardigan. This might be a keeper too.


Tracy said...

Check out for the fabric they have just about everything you could think of.

Dharma said...

Thanks for posting these patterns! There is a few I might be ordering!!!

Kristine Aubry Balinski said...

Ooh, thanks for letting us know! I got some great Nike fabrics and have looking for a good racer back and running shorts pattern!

marysews said...

I might get the underwear pattern. The tank dress pattern looks like the popular M6559 that's getting so much play on the web - and, of course, Your shrug!

Meg said...

just made up a jalie pattern for men's underwear recently that went together really well! love that they have sizes for the whole family, even if I don't have a whole family to sew for.

in this collection I love the cardigan and I think the black sports top in 3242 could make a nice swimsuit!