Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sherwin-Williams Paint Fun!

I am not affiliated with Sherwin-Williams but I do get their emails. I stumbled upon this Chip It color swatching do-dad and I love it. You add it to your bookmark bar, go to any website, click the bookmark bar and choose the picture you want to swatch. It works just like Pinterest or Polyvore. I think it’s super fun although I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it. It gives you up to ten colors that go with your picture.


I’m often not very good with pulling out individual colors out of a fabric but this does it for you. Not only that, if you wanted to paint a wall that color, it’s all figured out for you! Just kidding although wouldn’t a Manor House or Daredevil accent be fun?


Okay, so how helpful is it? Maybe not very helpful but maybe just fun.


Look how I can pull out the individual colors out of this crazy fabric. For me, this is helpful. For others, maybe not.


I love how you can save them all too.


I love this fabric from Fabric.com.


Just some fun for yawl! You can just enter the URL of a specific picture too. Go to http://letschipit.com/ to see it. You don’t have to set up an account but I did so I can save my swatches. Again, I get no kickbacks, I just think it’s cool. Now I can emulate my favorite color site: http://design-seeds.com/.

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Laura Miller said...

I will check it out --- I have used something similar when I've built websites and doing digital scrapping. On either if you have a picture then you pull the colors from the picture to adapt for the website or build accents, papers, etc for the scrapping. Having a cool app like that helps my lack of creativeness :)