Saturday, July 27, 2013

Burda 06-2011 #139 Bluemarine Wrap Dress

I really like wrap dresses and I knew I would eventually try this dress from the June 2011 edition of Burda. This dress is design pattern for that month’s magazine.



I made this out of ITY jersey with metallic overlay (can you say, Swap Meet?). This fabric might be a little over the top, and that’s saying something since I like my clothes bright. Overall, I love the pattern. It’s a wrap dress without too much material and it fits well (I made my usual 34). I knew that the low v-neck would be something to think about. 


It is indeed very low. The #1 shows were I safety-pinned it to avoid exposure to the world. The dress actually opens up at point #2. It’s a showy little thing. Before I wore this un-pinned, I would have to make sure my undergarments were pretty because those babies would certainly show. Babies = undergarments, not other “babies,” you sickos.  The ties are really long. They go around my body twice.


You can see from the shoulders that the fit is good in the top. I like the slight blouson effect above the belt. I shortened the sleeves because dramatic bell sleeves with this fabric was just too much. Like Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, too much.


This could have been me.


I really like the collar on this. I did not interface it but some people did at


I know, it’s hard to see because you are blinded by my lack of taste, and my addiction to all things shiny and animal print.


But look how nice the edges of the collar are. No one, except you Dear Readers, will ever understand how hard it is to make jersey collar points like this. And really, even if someone knew, they would never be able to see it against the shiny-ness that is this dress (I mean, really, look at the dress in the background!!).

I may make another wrap dress before putting this pattern away. I will probably add a little to the front to make it less showy. I may also add an inch to the bottom so I can wear it to school.


Cherie said...

Very cute, and I love the fabric! I've always liked your choices, just had to de-lurk to tell you that!

Cocos Loft said...

Adorable, every bit of it!

Cat said...

Georgeous colour, lovely dress. Since you sew a lot of knits, and fit and sew very well, what do you think is the best wrap dress you have made, the one that you would grab first, you know? I am interested in your opinion as I would like to make a few knit wrap dresses for our next summer. Thank you very much :-)

Kristine Balinski said...

2 thumbs up! Cool fabric, and looks so comfortable. It's winner!

Bec Stitches said...

Looks awesome:)

Velosewer said...

What are you talking about? It's a great dress and a great look.

Lisa said...

Those are nice collar points!

Debbie Cook said...

"Like Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice"

Hahahaha! Love the fabric, but then I'm a magpie. :-) Your dress looks fab, as do your "babies." (Heh ... couldn't resist!)

Carolyn Norman said...

I actually like the fabric you chose for the dress...and it looks wonderful on you!

Becca A said...

Your dress is lovely--the collar points, the fit, and the fabric. How well does the skirt stay closed as you walk and sit? The line drawing looks like it barely overlaps.

Angela said...

Love your dress! Wowza... what perfect collar points! Great job!

marysews said...

Nice dress! It reminds me of Diane von Furstenberg's classic quiana knit dress.