Thursday, July 18, 2013

Burda Challenge July: 07-2011 #110


I just finished this dress. I’ve never thought khaki was a great color with my skin tone and this is no exception. I was thinking since I was tan, it wouldn’t be bad but, alas, I’m not a fan of this dress. It’s too bad too because it has potential.


The seaming is great and the pleats, tucks, and bodice went together well but still, sigh. This fabric is kind of like a laminated cotton shirting. It had a very stiff hand and tends to wrinkle if you look at it wrong.


This was a petite pattern so I added a cm above the bust and one below the bust to make it longer. I left the armhole alone because I like a tighter armhole. You can see in the above picture that the armhole is just perfect.


One thing you get with stiffer fabric is what I like to call Lady-Bits-Poof. Not cute. You can see I used a pink zipper at the side seam. This dress has great big pockets which are awesome-sauce. Too bad it will never be worn. Maybe I’ll put it in the Closet of Rebirth for a while.


I think I would have liked it if 1) it was a different color, and 2) if it was slightly drapey. You can’t really tell with all the wrinkles (it’s the fault of the fabric!) but I did a great job matching up all the seam lines. Getting that bodice piece to fit isn’t a walk in the park either. Ugh. Screw you blah-blah-brown-dress.


We just got back from fishing so I’ll post some bloody fish pictures soon. We got 240 salmon one day and over 400 the next day.


Kristine Balinski said...

Did you try belting it? I think it would help break up the color and add some pizzazz. I seem to remember someone making some *amazing* leather kimono-style wrap belts a while back... ;)

saro said...

I have the same problem with that color. I wonder if you could dye it a different color? It's really pretty and you look cute in it!

katherine.peter said...

I have been wanting to see this dress made up. Have you thought about getting some fabric paint in your fav colours and throwing splashes of it at the dress (the kids could help!). A couple of washes would then probably soften the fabric enough. Worth a try as the style is great.

Sofie M said...

I love the shape but the colour is not you. Some dye - I see this in purple! I love your hunting and fishing posts so I can't wait! 400 in one day - that is amazing!

SewingSveta said...

May be skirt?

gatorgirl4325 said...

Dye it!! That zipper is a great detail. It looks great on you. And your SHOES - love,love,love!!

sandysewin said...

Yeah, that color doesn't work for you. Bummer that, it seems like a nice design. Like you said, in a different color and a more drapey fabric. Can you just consider it a muslin? :-)

Bernadette said...

I agree with other peeps-- it is a dress sceaming for dye....match the color of the zipper and it will be more You.

senaSews said...

I'm sorry that the outcome is not as you have expected it. Though i do like the design lines on this pattern. Maybe you can consider it as a muslin and will sew the pattern again in a different fabric/color. Now that the tracing and fitting is already done it will probably go in a reasonable time.