Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jalie Scarf-Collar Knit Top in SPARKLE!

Jalie 2921 is a great pattern. I mean, really, how much fun is this top? This is my typical look for a typical sch________ day. I’m still not saying it. If I do not say it. It does not exist. I wear a lot of black. People. It’s easy, it matches everything in my closet and it’s slimming. Always good. I used up the rest of the fabric from this dress. I have gone ga-ga for metallic jersey so hopefully that’s still okay in the fashion realm. And really, even if it’s not, I’m okay with that too.



This is like my favorite pair of shoes ever.


This just seemed like the perfect pattern for a little bling.


I love this bow.


The fit is fab like all Jalie patterns. There’s a tiny bit of bust-wrinkle-pull but I think that is because I did not pull the shirt down.


If I had to have one complaint, it’s that I should have made it an inch longer. These trousers sit lower on my hips and this top wants to come untucked.


I love the super nice finish inside too. This is the inside at the CB seam of the collar.


I may have to make another one in another sparkle fabric.


Velosewer said...

You've made a great looking top. I love wearing this style too. Make another!!

P E Hudson said...

I love this top and am going to put it on my sewing to do list. I've admired since your first post about your Jalie
TNT pattern!

Becky said...

Great top! I keep seeing this pattern. I may have to break down and get it. Dawn, you are hilarious!!! Like you need to wear things that are slimming! You are tiny and in great shape. But you do look good in black.

marysews said...


Angela CR said...

Looks great!!