Saturday, December 21, 2013

Burda Challenge 2013

A little recap of my Burda Challenge pieces, shall we?

January 01/2012 #110 – I wore this dress a few times on our Caribbean cruise. It’s comfortable and sexy.


February 02/2013 #109 – I like this top but I never wear it. It’s too tight to wear alone and I don’t wear many jackets.


March 03/2012 #126 – I wore these a lot in the spring. I wore them a bit in the fall too when school started back up. I get compliments every time I wear them. People like the coloring and the seam details.


April 04/2011 #122 – I like this top and have worn it several times. The color is a little scary. You really have to be ready for it.


May 05/2013 #107 – I love this top and I wore it all the time this summer.


June 06/2013 #110 - I plan to wear this dress to a holiday party we have coming up. Fun times with sparkle!!


July 07/2011 #110 – This particular dress was a dud in this fabric. But, and this is a big butt (har har), this pattern turned into my favorite dress of all time. It’s amazing what happens when you pair the perfect fabric with a pattern.

Same pattern, different dress! This is my most favorite thing I’ve ever made!


August 08-2012 #113 – I love this peplum top. I know that trend is probably here and gone, but I live in Alaska and we live in the past, ya’ll.


September 09/2008 #104 – I love this jacket and wear it all the time!


October 10/2013 #111 – The weird hip poochies still bother me. I get compliments when I wear it so other people must not be bothered by them!


November 11/2013 #105 – Ugh, do we have to go through this one again. To save myself the pain, just read my first post about it. DUD!


December 12/2013 #119 – I love this top. I plan to wear it to a few holiday parties this season. Again, fun with sparkle!!!




Some interesting observations:
7/12 are knit,
4/12 are dresses
only 2/12 are bottoms
4/12 are prints (I always think I use prints, so this surprises me)
6/12 are fabrics from the National City Swap Meet
6/12 are patterns from 2013 Burda magazines



I’m definitely doing it again this year. I think I will use patterns from 2014 only though. It was fun looking through my back issues of Burda though. I’m thinking of this for January . .



or these . . .


Happy holidays!


Jos said...

What a great collection! Happy holidays

Linda L said...

Nice garments, you do great with Burda patterns; I am sure you have perfected the fit. I love your camel colored boots!!

Teri said...

My first Burda Style garment is on the cutting table. I can't believe I have never made one before. You are an inspiration!

Melissa said...

Way to rock the Burda - fun to see all you made. I still subscribe and haven't made anything in eons from Burda (or pretty much anything else but pj's for my kids lately). Someday, there will be more time to sew I'm sure.

Kyle Burkhardt said...

Your abs are amazing!
Great collection of Burda and I think I even saw that black and gold knit at the National City Swap Meet.
You go girl!

Kristy Chan said...

Congratulations with completing your Burda challenge, it's a real achievement. I've only just received my December issue but it's too close to Christmas to get it done this year sadly...

Levone said...

Congratulations, the year just flew by! I think I will attempt the Burda challenge again this year!