Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jalie 2805 as Christmas Dresses

Whew. I need a vay-kay from my vay-kay. We spent a couple weeks in California and had fun with family. Before we left, I made a few Christmas dresses out of stretch velvet. I used Jalie 2805 as my base and just added a gathered skirt at the bottom. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Here are a few shots. I never did get a chance to get a normal pose of the dresses. I made four of them. One for little Daughter #3 (that’s the red and black one), and three identical ones for the twins and their cousin.


For the black dresses, I used FOE on the neck for the binding. I used a thick red ribbon and stitched it to the skirt where the top and bottom met. I only stitched it in the front and the back of the ribbon was extra long so it could be tied in a bow. I added little red bows at the neck.


Here’s a better picture of the FOE elastic at the neck. This picture sort of creeps me out. It’s like her face is melting. It’s by the grace of Sheba that I got the nap to all go the same way. I never sew with this stuff and totally forgot that you need to make sure the nap is all facing the same way. Oops!


Here’s the dress for Daughter #3. Hers is red on top with a black skirt. I didn’t have enough to make everyone’s the same. I used FOE on this one too and then added thicker ribbon and three little bows at the neckline.



Hope you guys had a fantastic holiday (even with your weather in the Midwest!) and start the year refreshed! Look! Even a picture where all of us are looking at the camera!!



I have so much to show you guys. I just haven’t had time! I might have gotten a fabric haul at the National City Swap Meet, I might have also bought another machine (eep!), and I also might have some fabric to sell you people. I have that same wool knit from the Jalie tunic but in two different colors. I hope to have time this weekend to take some good (natural light) pictures and put it up on Etsy.


Lyndle said...

Gorgeous dresses and cute pics! How was the velvet stuff to sew with? Love the bows. Must get me some fold over elastic, it sounds so useful :-)
Ooh yes and can't wait to see the purchases!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Very pretty dresses. They all look so cute!