Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Burda 04/2014 #112 Knit Dress

So, I had to make it. I just had to. It isn’t bad, really.


I made my standard size 34 with no adjustments. I used this cerulean blue knit I had in stash. I’m not sure where I got it. I think it was one of my “oh-you-sew-do-you-want-this” donations. It’s strange in that it wrinkles badly. I think the dress is only okay. The shaping darts go way up onto my bust and you can wear it either way because the darts are the same front and back. The only thing that makes it front or back is that the “normal” sleeve has a notch in it which would go with the front of the dress. I put it on both ways and it seemed to be fine either way. If fact, I have no idea now which way would be the true front.


I love the side/hip ruching.


What I don’t love is this. One of the sleeves is just sewn into a hole in the side of the dress. I don’t hate it because of that, though. Because the drop sleeve is so pronounced, it cups the shoulder and it feels like I need to pull it up all day. And it pulls quite a bit if I pull that one arm up. Here you can see how low the shoulder is on this one side.


Here’s a line added to show you the seam line.


Here you can clearly see the shoulder seam and the pulling. It’s worse on the back for sure. With my arms down, you can’t really see any pulling.


The cowl is pretty fun. I can rob a bank on the way home front work. Or stay warm in a blizzard!


All in all, I’m not sure that I love it. Husband says it’s HAWT, and I should wear it. I think if I wore it for any length of time, the drop shoulder would not bother me as much. Anyone else made this? Same issues?


Mrs. Smith said...

It's hot because it's crazy body hugging in a great way!!! That arm hole sleeve is holding me back.

Scruffybadgertime said...

I saw this dress in the magazine and was great you took it on. I think it looks fantastic, and the ruching is cute. But I think I'd get irritated by the arm sleeve, not if it was only how it looked, but if you can feel it while you're wearing it...

Sarah Liz said...

What a strange armhole - it's too tight to be a dolman - it's like they are trying to make a sleeve without the seam - but it doesn't work in action. Othewise this is a gorgeous dress :)

Kristine Balinski said...

You do look HAWT, your butt looks amazing! Pretty color, too (the dress that is). It looks great all around, really. I'm just confused about WHY the one sleeve is set that way, is there a purpose, or is Burda just being silly?

tigerlounge said...

I just bought fabric for this pattern - I was contemplating just using the standard sleeve on both sides (for the same reason you mention here - worried it would both me) but that seems to miss the point of the dress.

Debbie Iles said...

Yes, you definitely look HAWT! I agree with your points too, I think the drop shoulder would cause me some consternation in a fitted dress. The dress still looks really lovely on you. That colour is amazing! I sometimes find if I wear my OK dresses for a while, they slowly grow on me.

Becky said...

You do look amazing in this dress! I love the color on you, and it makes you look like the babe you are! Isn't there anything you could do about that sleeve? Like move the seam up toward your shoulder? It would mean cutting both sleeves shorter, but I like 3/4 sleeves. Just a thought. I hope it grows on you. It looks fabulous on you.

Kristy Chan said...

Yes this is what I was thinking too - I can't see any reason not to make the dress with two normal sleeves because it would keep the cowl but avoid the weird shoulder issue. I thought the reason for the different shoulder cuts was to make on side fall off the shoulder but yours doesn't seem to anyway

rosecy said...

You wear this dress well. I love the color. Those sleeves would drive me crazy. If made it, I would use regular set it or kimono sleeves to avoid the pulling

blacklabel said...

I was thinking of making this sans do you think it would look?