Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jalie 3245 as a T-shirt Dress

Yadda, yadda, best raglan t-shirt pattern ever, made it a million times, yadda yadda.


Today, though, it’s a dress. I’ve been meaning to do this all winter with a sweater knit and a big cowl neck. Now it’s spring and that doesn’t really work anymore.


I’ve got to tell you though, I’m not sold on it. I think partly, it’s the fabric. It’s a poly-blend double knit from Fashion Fabrics Club. I don’t really love how it flares below the hips and that is the fabric too. It’s does not drape AT ALL. I could have cut it more straight, but I followed the curve of the tunic top.



However, I received rave reviews today at work. There was a lot of “did-you-make-that-it’s so-freaking-cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. I’m wondering though if it doesn’t look crafty and homemade. That’s like the kiss of death for me. I think sometimes people ask because it doesn’t look RTW, and then they have to say something, so they squee a little and say it’s cute.


Here it’s a bit more fitted. I looked at the original pictures and decided it needed to be a bit more shapely. I added some elastic to the back in a casing. I like the front better, but not the back now.


What do you guys think?


I used the flatlock stitch on the front and back of the raglan sleeves.


I made a design feature, ahem, because (what the hell was I thinking) the collar is way too wide and would not lay down against the neck (like almost two inches!). So I sewed a section down at CF. It was a good solution to my problem, and I think it’s cute.


I used embroidery on one of the pockets. These look a little sketchy too because I could not for the life of me, make this stuff take a fold. I was trying to get the pocket pieces to lay flat which I was sewing them on. Not awesome.



What do you guys think? Too Suzy homemaker? Or cute like people at work said? My plan for the next one? I probably need to suck it up and do a swayback adjustment (do I HAVE to add a CB seam? Is there another way?). I will also make the skirt go straight after the hip instead of flaring.


Next up is this Burda dress. I love it. Look, it’s a raglan too!



Christy said...

I think the colour is stunning, which is what may have caught some people's eye. The dress is also cute and not at all homemade looking :)

Sue Kenny said...

I like it better without the elastic. I think the looser style is out of your comfort zone but I think it looks great on you.

Lorraine said...

I love it and think it looked good a bit flared. With the elastic in the back, it may just be a bit low and may have sat a little better if it was a bit higher. You always do great work and I think it is cute in a good way :)

Aruna Mohan said...

I think it looks great, but would look better with two darts in the back instead of the elastic. Btw, have you tried it with a belt?

Janice said...

I 'd cut off and wear it as a top.

AmericanGrammy said...

It is cute - but I agree with Janice - make it a top. I think it is the pockets.

Debbie Iles said...

It's really cute and I don't actually think it looks homemade at all. The detailing, whether intentional or not is all fabulous. I especially like the stitching. But I do understand your feelings. I've made a couple of Japanese pattern book ponte knit tops before that turned out nicely enough but there was just something about them that made me feel like I was wearing homemade and had the homemade spotlight on me all day when I had them on. I wore them for a while but couldn't bear it after a bit. I also agree that it would make a great top too.

Jessica Marks said...

I love it and don't think it looks homemade. The only thing that makes it "cute" to me is the pocket embroidery. That kind of looks like a homemade touch on ready to wear.

Mrs. Smith said...

I like it and really like the elastic on the back! and LOVE flatlock stitching!!

Elley Z said...

Love the dress on you! And I actually like it better without the elastic. It looks like a comfy, easy to wear dress that you can throw on and look great wherever you go.

Claudia said...

Wear it and enjoy it. It looks fun and hip! If you're still undecided, send it to "closet therapy" for a while--you might be pleasantly surprised. I have a question about the sleeves. It looks as though there are several diagonal wrinkles--is that how they are supposed to fit? I am struggling with some raglan sleeves myself right now, which is why I am asking. I have several RTW raglan tops with sleeves that drape smoothly and my sewn piece shows wrinkles, so I am looking for advice.

Becky said...

It is cute, and I am not sure that cute is your style. Having said that, I would like it better without the elastic and without the pockets. It takes the attention off the neckline, and that's where the money is. I think dresses like this are more flattering if they are simple.

Jana said...

I've made this pattern as a running dress and it flares a lot on me, too. Straighter skirt would solve your problem. I don't like the back elastic at all.

mrsmole said...

Nice color, ditch the back elastic, notice all the drag lines pointing to a snug bust and tight square shoulder areas. Pocket says "homemade, I own an embroidery machine" since it is a strange shape. Next time, add a center back seam so you can do a swayback correction and add some ease to the bust and shoulders so the raglan seams don't look too strained. It works a a tunic/dress this time but the next time could be even better!

Jen G said...

I don't think it looks homemade. It looks great on you.

ybennett said...

You would look lovely in a sack. To me, it seems a bit too short (maybe it's the lack of drape), and I totally agree with Mrs. mole that the embroidery doesn't work, nor the pockets, the front after the tightening up with elastic does look better, but the addition of elastic in the back doesn't look good at all to me. I'm not fond of the pockets. Love the color and brilliant idea to stitch the collar in place!

raquel from jc said...

I agree with the majority: the pockets and the elastic say home made. I will wait for the burda dress(it's in my list!)

BMGM said...

I agree about the drag lines. I would add length to the front piece and then sew a tuck instead of a dart to make the F & B lengths agree at the side seams.

You may want to go UP a size at the shoulders and then take it in as needed to fit your lower body.

lakaribane said...

Hi Dawn, I have a question re:Jalie patterns for you because I know you are a big fan of the brand. Are sleeves mix-and-match, do you know? Because I want to make a sleeveless top but want to add sleeve because my office is chilly. Since I was gifted several Jalie a few years back, can I just use the sleeves from another pattern? I hope you can answer me at lakairbane at gmail dot com, I can't get my internet to cooperate right now and sign in. Thanks in advance!