Sunday, April 20, 2014

Burda 05/2014 #106 (May Burda Challenge?)

Can I do my May Burda Challenge in April? I think I can.


This is the May raglan-sleeved knit dress that got so much notice on the previews. The notice was well worth it too, because it’s a great pattern. Except for a little operator-error snafu, the dress went together perfectly. Mine isn’t as blingy as the model’s sequin dress, but I like it all the same.


It fits well in back.


This fantastic SPRINGY fabric is from the Swap Meet in National City. My favorite fabric “store”.


This is when my husband was taking pictures and I was over it.


Here’s my snafu. You are supposed to fold the facing wrong side together and treat as one layer when you sew the arms to the bodice, right? Well, I did the RST cowl sandwich that I normally do and it, of course, didn’t work. If you put the cowl neck facing WST, like they tell you, it goes together fine. Remember that when you sew the cowl-neck to the arm sleeve, you need to leave a seam allowance overhanging on the sleeve seam. This is what you will sew to your neck facing. I found after trying it on that the neckline was too low and stretchy. Self-facing facing would have not shown, but I needed the beefiness of this white elastic. Next time (oh yes, there will be a next time), I will reinforce the neck and then sew on a self-fabric facing.


Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter.


This dress also shows me what to do with my next Jalie raglan-sleeved dress. I’ll change the body to be more fitted like this.


Kris C. said...

Looks great!

raquel from jc said...

Beautiful dress! You look GREAT! From the burda picture I thought the cowl neck was bigger. Thank you for the tips!

ybennett said...

Great dress for you! IMHO, the style, color, design and length are perfect on you. If I ever find a "perfect for me" knit dress pattern I'm apt to make it in 20 different colors. LOL. Enjoy your dress!

Karin - said...

What a wonderful dress. It looks elegant yet so comfortable at the same time. Great combination!

melissa said...

Ooh so nice! And you are SO freaking fast - I haven't even received my issue yet. I tend to live in knit dresses and this looks like a really comfortable one.

Levone said...

Gorgeous dress! I hope to get the top traced off this week.

Frenchfancy said...

I've just cut out the top version of this, your photos make me wish I'd cut out the dress.