Monday, April 28, 2014

Jalie 3241- More leotards and some fun circle skirts!

These two little people just got into a dance class and they NEEDED a leotard. Like NEEDED one now. So, of course, mom obliged. I used size L, which is the size I made for their cousin. I knew from when they modeled that leotard that it was a bit snug in the torso length. I added a 1/2” to the front and back, and it’s still tight! After they were all made, I measured the girls. The bust, waist, and hip measurements are in the H range (size 4!!!), but their girth is in the N range (size 10!). I think next time, I will keep the size L and add another inch to the torso. The width is fine and may be a tiny bit too loose when the length issue is solved. Smile girl!


My absolute favorite of the leotard is the cross-back. Here you can see they are pretty stretched and there is a gap at CB where the straps meet the leotard. That’s all from the stretch that is caused by the too short leotard.


Because they are Girlie-Girls (notice the capitals), they also NEEDED twirly skirts. Yes, ma'am (imagine me saluting them and then running off to my sewing room, because that’s about how it happened). Here is the result.


This girl was cold, but here is what they look like when they aren’t spinning.


And here’s the spin.


SPIN! We also got our faces painted today.


This was everyone’s favorite skirt.


Hearts, mesh, poofy, what’s not to love?


These are extremely easy to make. Circle of fabric, elastic, sew.


I just zig-zagged them on with matching thread. This is 1-inch elastic.


I didn’t even bother to finish the inside fabric or hem it, gasp.


This is the other favorite. Pink, leopard-print mesh. Yikes.


I made another Burda 05/20014 #106 and I love this one more than the last one! I just need to find some time to photograph it!


Cherie said...

So cute! These little ladies are going to be beauties!

daniKate designs said...

Adorable outfits, and your girls are beautiful. I bet my girl would love some poofy mesh heart fabric too :)