Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jalie 3350 - One Piece Swimsuit!

I love this swimsuit. I need to make one for me. In the meantime, a little person’s swimsuit has almost dissolved in the pool chlorine. This was a bathing suit emergency. Thank goodness Jalie just produced this latest pattern!


Does someone look happy? It’s because she is. Hot pink and shiny black? Sign her up! I made the swimsuit with the contrast strip (obviously). She loves it and says it looks “just like a Monster High swimsuit.”


This is the size L (for 8 year olds), but with an inch added in the torso. They are long-torsoed, these little people.


There is really good coverage all over.


This fabric did not come from the Swap Meet, gasp. I bought it in a real fabric store in San Diego.


How cute is it?? I love it! Another Jalie winner!!!!!!

The contrast stripe is cute and serves a purpose.


See? It hides the topstitching that holds down all the inside seams.


The inside is fully lined.


Here’s that topstitching from the inside.


I left the straps a bit long in the back in case I need an inch or so of growing room later.


Here you can see my CB reinforcement. I always add some zigzagging in case little people put their foot through the CB seam and pull really hard. I always reinforce the crotch panel too.


Another winner for Jalie. This, people, is why they are my favorite pattern company.


Sue Kenny said...

Too cute - I want one too!

Lyndle said...

Oh, oh, i just placed my order for the last Jalie you made (or maybe second to last, it was the dolman top). It's winter here but maybe I'll get one of these for summer. Great suit! (And i know what you mean about chlorine dissolving suits over, er, stress points - not so much does my bum look big on this as can you see my bum through this?)

Kristy Chan said...

Great work, your swimsuits look so professionally made. Do you just overlock the seams together and use the zig zag stitch for reinforcement?

Sofie M said...

Looks sensational. I really love that swimsuit pattern.

Meigan said...

Adorable. I love Jalie patterns too!

katherine.peter said...

This is cute. Can't wait to see your adult version, as I have bought this pattern for myself.

Kathy Sews said...

More adorableness!!! Jalie is fantastic with their massive size range.

kathyh said...

Your girl is rockin' that monster high doll look.

Becky said...

This is fabulous! No wonder she is smiling. Hot pink and shiny black will always be little girl winners. By the way, she is darling.

Sandi Shover said...

Beautiful - I LOVE Jalie! I just sewed up an outfit with 3 of their patterns tonight. I almost bought this one, but I don't do one piece swimwear and neither does DD. I do really like the way the trim hides that stitching.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Awesome looking swimsuit :)

Da99516 said...

Yep, the zig zag is just for reinforcement. I just do it at CB or other high stress areas.