Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Jalie 3352 - Dolman Top



I made another dolman top. This one is cotton knit with print front and back with solid sleeves. This knit was printed so there was a lot of lot knit along the edges. I cut the sleeves on the cross grain to get as much solid as possible. (These are the most comfortable, slouchy, cropped boyfriend jeans ever.)


I rather like how it turned out. It’s comfortable and casual which is just what I need for the next few days of work. I have oodles of bottles, scales, models, rocks, etc. to put away in the storeroom and I need to be able to move around.


I love that the back is lower than the front. I folded down the neckline and stitched it again. I still haven’t tried the Jalie method of applying the trim piece.


Here is why I have the sleeves rolled up. When I cut out the arms, I thought the tiny bit of print on the cuffs would be cute. Turns out it’s just distracting and a bit weird. I like it just as much with the sleeves rolled up thought, so it’s all good.


Next up? I have requests for another swimsuit (the Jalie cross-top one) and more pairs of pajamas (Mom! Make sure they are two-piece with pants and tops. We get cold at night!!!!!!!! Oh Mom?? May them cute too.) I will probably make a bulk set of like six pairs of pajamas. Things go so fast when you put them in an assembly line.


Becky said...

Just based on your makes, I am going to have to get this pattern. This turned out really cute! I like the print on the sleeves, but I agree, it looks better without it. It has taken me a long time to learn that you only want the eye-catching parts where you want your eye to look - DOH! You remind me of my mother, who would make for me whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. I hope your girls realize what they have in you when they get old enough to realize it. You're a GEM.

Kristine Balinski said...

Super cute! I think I have to order this pattern up, as it's appears to be a wardrobe staple that would be easy to make!