Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jalie 3351 - Swim Shorts as Running Shorts



I’m running in the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon soon and need some shorts and shininess to keep me going. I wanted to demo this pattern before I used something more appropriate for workout wear. These are made from a cotton knit (with sparkles). That’s a goofy-ass look on my face. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


I ran eight miles in them this morning and they are super comfortable. When I run distance, I either want something looser like these or tight like the Fehr Trade Duathlon shorts (I made a pair of those too – not run-tested yet though).


I know they don’t look all that rad here, but they are cotton and wrinkly. This is a great pattern and will be my go-to casual summer shorts pattern.


I love the two side pockets and the overlap detail on the sides. I ran with Goo in each pocket and I was worried that it would pull down the waistband, but I was pleasantly surprised. These was no waistband movement at all. I don’t think I would ever put my phone in there though – too much weight.


Here’s the CF. You can’t see too much with this fabric.


Here’s a bit closer with some details drawn in.


Here they are on the side and you can see the CB is quite a bit higher that CF. The pocket is wide enough that the goo can go in sideways. I could put two in each pocket and have plenty of room.


Here’s the bottom overlap detail that I love.


Here’s the inside, not exciting, I know. But so comfy!!


Here’s the awesome part. I love the wide waistband and how Jalie has you put it together. You use a 3/4” loop of elastic for the waistband, but it’s inside the two-piece band. There is a wide waistband and a narrow facing. You sew those together and then add the elastic to the seam allowance. You fold the elastic so it’s against the facing and understitch it. When you fold them right sides out, the understitching and the narrow facing match the waistband. The elastic is at the top of wide waistband but encased. It felt snug, but not tight. Another Jalie construction technique I love!!!!!


Another winner-winner chicken dinner.


kbenco said...

Awesome shorts. I have the skirt pattern with the side cross over, and it is so practical.

katherine.peter said...

Great to hear it is so comfy. I have this pattern and am just waiting on fabric. Yours look great.

Scruffybadgertime said...

Love the design if these- they look really cute with such great details.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

They do look so comfy and I definitely like their waistband technique too.
Using cotton is a great idea too, and because you used cotton instead of a stretch Did you go up a size?

Da99516 said...

It's a cotton blend. It has Lycra in it so it still stretches. I used my typical size R.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Thanks :)

Melinda said...

Those are great. I've got the pattern here but haven't made it up yet. I hadn't realised the waist had elastic in it, I had assumed it was just a yoga waistband like the Jalie running skirt pattern.