Monday, February 16, 2015

Burda 07-2013 #122 Strappy Knit Dress

Hee hee, duck lips crack me up. This is Burda 07-2013 #122. It’s a strappy knit dress. I kind of love it. I made it for our cruise to Mexico. And yes *hangs head*, I’m still making things with animal print. I can’t stop. I’m like Blanche Devereaux*. She’s my idol. She would totally rock this dress. And somehow, she’d have a millionaire on her arm by the end of the trip.


Isn’t it fun? You can’t really wear a bra with it, but you kinds can’t tell anyway. The bust and upper bust (?) layers are adjustable up and down a bit. I like them like this. I made my standard size 34. The only adjustment I made was to leave off the seam allowances for the hem (I usually do this) and then hem it a bit higher than in the model photo. Oh, and I also made my straps with elastic inside. This makes them sturdier. You want that if your dress is mostly held up with the neck strap!


The skirt portion has no side seams. It had a narrow front and back with wide side panels. You can see the side panel seam here. The back of the top is supposed to be gathered like this.


The back of this is loose. It is 95% held up with the neck strap. It’s too loose around the top to really hold anything up.


On the floor, it just sort of looks like a hot mess.


Here is where the straps go through the bust sections. You make two of the upper portion, and then don’t sew all the way to the corners. This makes a opening in the seam. You topstitch so it makes a “casing.” Sort of.


Here’s the back. You can clearly see the two different top sections and the side panels seams here. How fun is this fabric? It’s another goody from the National City Swap Meet.


This actually might be my last animal print. Ack! What will I do??


*Don’t know Blanche? You need to!!!!


Linda L said...

Really great looking dress. You wear it well. Great fabric

Kathy Sews said...

Saucy!!!!!!!!! Blanche would approve!

Cennetta Burwell said...

Super cute. You wear it well.

katherine.peter said...

I always wondered who made up these strappy designs...perfect for a cruise!

Fabric Epiphanies said...

I had overlooked this pattern but your lovely version has me reconsidering!

Sofie M said...

I've always loved this dress on the Burda cover, but I could never wear it.. it looks fantastic on you and perfect for a cruise!