Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jalie 2805 - Blanche T-shirt

Oh, how I love this pattern. Here’s yet another version. This time, it’s the cap sleeve, t-shirt.


I had to make sure the rest of my animal print crazy knit was put to good use. There wasn’t much left after the Blanche Devereaux dress.


I made this top slightly more fitted in the waist and hips. Otherwise, it was just hanging off my upper assets and I looked like a tent.


I, again, hemmed the cap sleeves before attaching them to the top. So. Much. Easier!


I love this print. It’s the perfect throw-in-your-suitcase fabric too. No wrinkles, no ironing, no problem!



More later! Hopefully not animal printed something!


Melinda said...

LOVE that fabric, and everything you've made with it. Had to LOL over your comment about taking it in because it "hung off my upper assests" as I have the same issue and have to take everything in as well. Enjoy your cruise!

Katharine Cunningham-Carlot said...

Alriiiight! Everyone loves toss in the suitcase and forget the iron travel wear. Glad you removed the tent aspect.