Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ottobre 01-15 #28 Woven Dress with Circle Detail

Obviously I’m crushing on Ottobre lately. I love how this tunic turned out. They call it the Home Girl dress. I just can’t call it that. I will call it Woven Dress with Circle Detail. Or something. Whatever. Behold the cuteness.


Yes, she must wear sunglasses. She is a Diva. I made a size 110 and pinched out about a 1/4” at CF and CB. I should have also pinched out that much on the center detail. I didn’t remember to do that. Oops. You’ll see what I did below. This is the “dress” length and it seems more “tunic” length to me.


I asked her to turn around so I could take pictures of the back. This is what I got.


That turned into this and I gave up. You guys are lucky you got two decent photos. At least you can tell that the range of motion is good.


It turned out very cute. The circle detail in the middle is kind of lost in this busy fabric. I love the fabric though. I’m pretty sure that Paulette gave this to me. Again, that was during the Dark Year and I think I blocked most of it out.


Because I forgot to pinch out a 1/2” for the circle detail, there weren’t many gathers. Once I realized my mistake, I unpicked the topstitching and seams, and took a 1/2” out of the middle of the circle. Hence the vertical line that is not supposed to be there. Call it a design feature.


I just did a regular ol’ center zipper.


The inside front and back have an interfaced one-piece facing. I stitched in the ditch from the right side on the shoulder seams to hopefully keep everything in place.  So far, so good.


More later! I have an another Ottobre shirt for the older girls. This one is going to be bright and hopefully not hideous!


Stephanie Ramaekers said...

I just bought this issue yesterday and I wasn't really blown away by it, I especially thought this dress seemed a bit weird, but I love it in your fabric and I actually prefer it with the vertical seam in the circle!!

Levone said...

Cute tunic! I was hoping this one came in the older girl hoo.

Rachelle Green said...

Cute dress. Oh the sunglasses and the posing! LOL

Kristine Balinski said...

I love this, it's really sweet!

Touran said...

That's a Liberty print. I have it in a purple shade - purples instead of the yellows. Very cute.