Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jalie 2908 - Version RED

First off, sorry for the picture-heavy post. I just love my RED PANTS and I hope you do too!!!!!!!!! Oh, and happy Easter for those who celebrate. We had zero kids for this holiday so we took it easy and I may, ahem, have gotten some quality time with my girls (AKA the sewing machines).


Okay, though, back to the important stuff. RED JEANS. I love them!!I’ll talk more about the tank in the next post tomorrow because I have some fun, fun news that goes along with the tank. These are the Jalie 2908 jeans which I’ve made many times before. I did, obviously, turn them into skinny jeans. Well, skinny-ish. They aren’t tight, tight, like real skinny jeans.


I did a simple pattern on the back pocket. I just love that I have RED JEANS!! This fabric is from I bought it several years ago. It’s a beefy denim with 2% lycra.


Since I have figured out most of the fit issues years ago, there wasn’t much to modify except for the leg width. On my old Jalie jeans, I used the regular ol’ straight waistband and, instead of attaching the two waistbands together at the back, I added a dart so the waistbands formed a V at the back. You can see it on my older versions down below. On this RED version, I changed it up and created a shaped waistband that fits me with no V in the CB. 


See? No gap at the CB!


The last thing for me to figure out fit-wise is I always get these loose wrinkles between my butt and knee. It’s like the back of leg is shorter (and needs less fabric) than the front of my leg. Of course, that makes no sense. But, how would I take length out of that part of my pants without affecting the front fit? Seems weird to me. Either way though, I’m really happy with my jeans. I love the contrast of the white thread.


I used white Gutterman upholstery thread for the topstitching and I used my Necchi for all the topstitching.


For the pockets, I just did two rows of straight stitches with a zigzag in the middle. Thinking back, I should have done some non-horizontal line. Duh, let’s point out the fact that skinny jeans make me look like a badminton racket!


I used a fun Hawaiian cotton print for the pockets, fly extension, and inner waistband.


Here’s the modified waistband. To make the waistband, I sewed on a straight waistband with a basting stitch, then pinned out the darts, and changed them on my paper pattern. Then I cut the real waistband. When I cut the waistband, I smoothed out the curve a bit.


I used my Greist buttonholer to make the buttonhole. Works like a charm every time!!


My very first pair of Jalie jeans! (From 2009!! EEK!)


See? Same gathering issue under the butt. See the V at CB?



My most favorite pockets.


I liked these pockets a lot too.


Mrs. Smith said...

Very nice jeans! I love your back pockets!

Siri Andersen said...

These look great! Your first pair looked awesome too, love your pockets and I am inspired to try jeans sewing now!

Kim Hood said...

I have seen suggestions that by folding away the amount needed to get rid of the wrinkles at that point on the back pattern piece and adding it back on the hem makes them go away. Nice pants anyway, and I love the red colour 😃

Lyndle said...

Love the red jeans! Very cool. And the tank too. Hanging out to hear your fun news!

Debbie Cook said...

Love the new red jeans too!!

Of course it makes sense that your front thighs need more length than the back ... you're a runner, silly, with muscular legs ... meaning those front thigh muscles take up more fabric length. What you need is a horizontal fish-eye dart in that area ... obviously not a sewn dart, but a removal of length from the middle and not the side/inseams. Kind of like a swayback adjustment. Making sense? I'd refer you to pics but I don't think I've restored those to my blog yet. I've been kind of shunning my blog lately.

Pretty sure I know what the good news is that goes with your new tank, if your recent comments on certain posts on my blog are any indication. :-) Congrats and enjoy!!

Kyle said...

They look SO great!

Kristin Thurber said...

ha! I discovered your surprise. I was doing some research for a friend on pattern review and came across your post. Lucky girl!

Shae said...

Concerning the extra fabric between butt and knee...could you take a wedge out of the back piece and add that amount to the area below the knee? I seem to remember something about this is Angela Wolf's craftsy class on jean sewing. And the extra below the butt...I solved some of that on mine by actually removing some from the bottom of the back crotch curve. Just a couple ideas!

kristin at sunnysewing said...

I love your red jeans too! The topstitching is great and you really have worked out all the fit issues. (though I do love, love the first pair you made). I have yet to try this pattern, too scared I think - or maybe too time consuming lol. Great job!

Pat said...

There is a fix for that extra fabric in the back of the thigh. See Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing. She takes a 1/2"off the back length of the leg. I think it comes off the inside seam at crotch depth. The seam is sewn by easing the extra front length from crotch to knee. This used to be included in pants patterns. When I first started sewing pants I thought there was something wrong with the pattern until I learned it was supposed to be that way. Maybe it isn't that way on patterns now. I don't know. I've only just started sewing clothes for myself again after several years.