Monday, August 17, 2015

Jalie 2910–Faux Wrap Top

Here’s another Jalie knit top winner. I must confess that this was a freebie from Jalie. What, you ask? Yes, it was. Pattern was free, but opinions, photo craziness, and snark are all my own. It’s pretty cute, no? Unfortunately, you can’t really see any details because of the fabric I chose.


Here are the details. It’s a faux wrap top (this would actually make the PERFECT wrap dress!), with a shoulder seam them comes down in the front. I think this would be so cute in a printed back (so it peaks over the shoulders) and some other subtle pattern on the front with a black band all the way around the wrap part. Does that make sense?


Pardon the craziness, children were posing and I was supposed to pose the same way. Things always get crazy when my kids “help” me out. I like that everything stays where is supposed to stay. I did end up tacking the two layers together at the v-neck for about an inch. I just stitched in the ditch.


I made a size S which is my typical size. It’s a nice, well-fitting shirt (duh! Jalie!). I can see many versions of this top in my wardrobe. Like I said, I think the va-voom factor would increase with a print on the back so that it peaks over the shoulders. I may have to do this.


I’m supposed to be shaking my booty. Behind the cameraman are three children showing me how to “shake it like a Polaroid picture”. Stop and imagine that for a minute. No, really. Imagine it. It’s a wonder any pictures get taken at all.


This was my son’s contribution for “posing”.


Imagine again, three kids doing this (including fish lips face), helping me pose . . .


I always reinforce my shoulders on knit tops. This is a double knit from the Fabric Mart Mystery Bundle I got in the mail recently. It’s like they know I have a need of animal prints.


Here’s a normal picture of the pattern. I really like the half-collar? half-mandarin collar? in some of the views. I may have to try black lace over a nude knit (so I’m actually covered!) for the back panel. How pretty would that be peaking over the shoulders?


Next up? No idea!! I have so many things on my list!

By the way, have you seen the new Jalie website? I think it’s really cool looking! It even has a gallery so you can add photos of your creations. There is also a new Facebook “Sewing With Jalie” group. You can add in-progress photos, get help, show off your new stuff, or just chat with other Jalie enthusiasts. I know the newest release just came out, but I’m super excited about what they will come up with next!


Toocutedobs said...

Very nice top and love your fun photos! I like your idea about making this with a printed back and look forward to the new interpretation.

Jos van KloskaCreAtief! said...

LOL and love your shirt!

Jenny said...

Lol at the poses. It's about time Jalie started giving you free stuff! I buy more Jalie patterns because of your reviews than any other reason. And at first I thought you wrote "half marathon collar" haha.

Ayselce örgüler said...

çok çok güzell görünüyor şahane bir dikiş

Jessim said...

This shirt is one of my favorite patterns to make.

I LOVE the poses.

Sue Parrott said...

I LOVE it! how on earth did you get this for free?

Inge said...

My mom made this one last week as well, love how it looks.
Think i need to 'borrow' that pattern ;)

The Material Lady said...

Great top, and I love the poses that your kids get you to do. If I had them here my pictures might be less dull!
I love the black lace idea and will look out for that in the future.

Inkstain said...

Did you mean peeking or peaking?

DianeDrexel said...

I have had this pattern for several years (hides head in shame) and just haven't been that motivated to sew it. And then I see your version and CAN"T WAIT TO SEW IT!!!
Jalie's patterns fit me well with one exception: Any seam that is supposed to fall right below my bustline usually needs another 1/2 to 3/4" added to get to the proper location. Otherwise, I love the fact that their armholes aren't ridiculously large (are you listening Big 3?)

Love your top. Thank you for inspiring me. I needed it. :)

Levone said...

I love your top! I have the same fabric, just replace the gray with fuscia.

Mai Truong said...

Very lovely top! I laughed so hard at your fun photos. Thank you for this interesting post.

Soposie said...

All of your Jalie makes have inspired me to start making my own workout wear! A friend got me her serger, I took it in to be repaired, bought several cones of threads, bought and watched the Craftsy Beginning Serging class, sewn several non-stretch woven projects .... and I still don't understand something pretty basic. How do you make the serged seams on knits stretchy?

I did a test serge (4-thread overlock) on a lycra workout-wear fabric, and it's not in the least bit stretchy. Clearly I need to be doing something else. Admittedly, I haven't watched the entire Craftsy video, so maybe this tidbit is in there. I've Googled and mostly find how to use a normal sewing machine to sew knits ("use the zigzag or lightning stitch" or "use a serger"). I found one article by Sandra Betzina that mentions using wooly nylon in both loopers. Is that the answer? Is the 3-thread overlock more stretchy? Another stitch? I got the serger because I thought it would do stretchy, and now I can't figure it out! Thank you if you have any suggestions!