Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ottobre 01-2014 #26 - Boy’s T-shirt

Isn’t this child so helpful? I love his posing. Not. Posing aside, isn’t this a cute t-shirt? Yes, I could have made it from my existing KwikSew pajama pattern, but I love the color blocking and the pocket detail of the Ottobre pattern. It’s a pretty good pattern for him too. He’s long and lanky as all my children are. He measures 143cm high and I made size 140 with zero fitting adjustments. I could probably have pinched out 1/4” from the CF and CB, but it’s also fine how it is.


He’s a ninja.


Here’s a detail shot. This is wicking merino wool. I have it in three colors and I’ll put some on Etsy soon. This is a thin t-shirt weight knit. It’s perfect for undergarments and tops. 


This is the same pattern, but with the pieces joined and no pocket. My son was going on a camping trip and needed some wool clothing. Most of his t-shirts are cotton and not suitable for outdoor activities. This is another Merino wool fabric, but it is different than the other three I have. I would consider this more of a medium weight knit. You can see the green and gray knit have more drape than the orange. Look, he’s actually smiling! Unfortunately, in this picture, I cut off his head. Ha, sucky photographers.

Changes: Instead of using my coverstitcher and binding the neck, I create a neckband and sewed it on like a normal t-shirt. I should have cut off some of the neck SA, because the neckline turned out pretty tight. On the green/gray version, I didn’t bind the cuffs, I just folded the fabric in and hemmed with my coverstitcher. Because I knew I was going to do this, I added about 2cm to the arm length.


Next? The cutest running tights EVER.

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Kathy {Kathy Sews} said...

Great shirts!!! Oh my goodness his posing is awesome!