Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jalie Cora Tights - Shorts!

I ran a 15.75 mile race last weekend in Seward, Alaska. And this is the best picture out of the three we took. This is right after the race. Apparently I had enough energy for crazy poses. My girlfriends joke with me all the time about pictures with me. I’m the one always yelling, “Zombies poses!!!!!!” or “Superman pose!!!!!!” I’m not sure what I was going for here.


Anyway, that was last weekend and this is today. I have washed everything and feel a little bit better. I can tell these knees are getting old. The last five miles is straight down on slippery rocks, roots, leaves, and creeks. That’s not a fun part of the race for me. But, I’m a great up-hill runner so I can catch and beat them all during that section (damn them for passing me!!). Mind you, I’m not a fast runner, this is all just competition in my head. But back to the shorts. I’ve made this pattern several times before in the long pants version, but never in the shorts. I’ve got to tell you that I love them. The band at the hem keeps them down instead of having them creep up my thighs like most snug running shorts. I have thicker runner thighs and things tend to get hung up on them if that makes sense.


The dark blue is Nike Dri-Fit and the multicolored is a swimwear fabric from Fabric Mart. (Not a sponsor!)


Look at those meaty thighs! Those be Power Thighs!


Here you can see the amazing pocket. All my girlfriends loooooved the pocket. You can tell the shorts are just the slightest bit too snug around the thighs. Next time I make these, I will add 1/2” from waistband to hem on that long piece in the front.


I would make a vertical cut in the pattern and it would go all the way to the hem. That would give each leg a bit more space without sacrificing the look. And I would much rather modify the front than the amazing, butt-shaping back.


There’s a large crotch gusset in these shorts. It makes for a very comfortable pair of running shorts.


I love this color combination.


Since it’s almost 16 miles of beautiful scenery, I took my phone for a camera (which I never use because I’m too competitive to stop – arg). I also took three Gu’s. I only used one on the race, but I like to give myself options. Can you believe it fits? (and Melissa, THESE are the best flavors!!!)


Of course, from the side, you look like you have a butt tumor. But if I’m running 15.75 miles, I don’t really care!


Ayselce örgüler said...

şahane dikilmiş alkışlıyorum .

Linda said...

Nice running shorts!

Kathy {Kathy Sews} said...

I didn't realize there is a crotch gusset, that's a great element. I'm fighting the urge to buy this pattern, I have so many right now, but these are just soo cool looking and functional. These are awesome... great work doing your 15+ miler! And P.S. I *wish* I had running thighs more like yours... nature and life have given me my huge, majestic thighs that just won't ever quit no matter what :)

Sue Parrott said...

LOVE these and you aren't going to believe this but I purchased the same fabric from FM to create a long version!

melissa said...

Would you mind posting photos of the inside of your leggings? It'd just help me with my construction...thanks!

SmileDog Stitches said...

Super cute! I love how you make all of your own fitness clothing (and all of your other clothing, your kids' clothing, etc.!). I was a runner for 20 years until I trashed my hip. I think some people are built more for it than I was. After my first & only marathon I ended up having my bursa sac removed due to horrible bursitis for years that was getting worse. DO NOT EVER DO THAT! WORSE SURGERY EVER INVENTED! It made it worse! And I can't run anymore. I was hoping I could run a bit but nope. Painful! So I'm a cyclist now among many other joint friendly activities.