Sunday, March 13, 2016

Another Ottobre 02-2016 #7

I had to do it again because I knew this little pattern had potential! I LOVE this version!!!! Here’s my first version of this dress.


I did all the things I said I would do. I lengthed the skirt by 4” (four inches!!!!), I took in the waist area about an inch on each side, and I fixed the swayback issue. I absolutely love it. (And, oh yea, I wear glasses too, although I think they have never appeared on my blog. I’ve worn glasses/contacts since the 3rd grade. I’m blind as a bat that cannot echolocate.)


The back looks much better. I did an inch swayback adjustment on the back.


The color of the top is actually a hot pink, not read. Wow, my skin is so white. We are just starting to get some sun again!!


I still love, love, love, love this bodice. You could add a circle skirt to the bottom of this too and it would be super cute.


I took about 3/4” of an inch off the sides of the bodice at the waist.


I took the skirt in about a 1/2” at the waist and I added four inches to the bottom hem (This girl likes a short skirt too). I ended up taking the hem in another 1.5” before I hemmed it to give it a more pegged look.


This is my super easy swayback adjustment. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this years ago.


What do you guys think??? I LOVE it!!!! I love the fit of this skirt so much, I may just make a few of these with elastic at the waist to wear with other tops.

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