Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ottobre 02-2016 #7 Knit Dress (plus another Jalie cardigan!)

This cute little dress is from the latest Ottobre Women’s Magazine. I’m sad to say that there isn’t much in that magazine that I love. This dress is really cute and there is a spagetti-strap peplum tank that I like too. Other than that, I’m just meh on this collection. I do like the two looser t-shirts too, I guess. You can look at the whole thing here. I REALLY liked the clothes in the last women’s edition so I’ll just keep sewing out of that one. :) Yowza, this baby is short. This is with me just taking a tiny hem too. Tall people beware!

It has released pleats at the shoulder and waist. There are two skirt darts on the front and back for shaping.

I really like how the bodice turned out. You can see a tiny bit of pulling from the center where I had to tack down the cross-over. That baby was definitely just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Maybe I should tack it half an inch lower to help with the pulling. 

I should have done a swayback adjustment on this. A pretty significant one to look at the picture! I did add my normal 1” above the bust on the front and back.

I made the size 34 and it looks like I could have given myself a smidge more room for my butt. I did end up taking it in just above and below the elastic in the waist.

Even though it’s short, I’ll wear this with tights and a cardigan to work. I made a new Jalie cocoon cardigan to go with it. This cardigan is made from a very fine weave sweater knit from Girl Charlee.

It had great drape. I love this cardigan. It’ll be great with a white tank, blue jeans, and boots too.

I can put the belt underneath or on top of the cardigan. I think I prefer it the other way, with the belt under the cardigan.

This Ottobre pattern also comes with a “jumpsuit” version with shorts on the bottom. I’ve never been a jumpsuit kinda girl and I’m not going to start now.

A close-up of the knit so you can see how fine it is.

I think I’ll make this again, add the swayback adjustment, and add about 3 inches to the length.

Here’s where I sewed one side over the other. You can barely see it in real life.

The back bodice has darts all over. There are two in the neck and two at the waist. I probably wouldn’t try this with a lightweight knit. You need something that will take the darts and pleats. I used a double knit from 

I have no idea what I’m making next! I guess you’ll know when I know!

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