Friday, March 4, 2016

Jalie 2806–Round Three

Okay, sorry, I know I’m starting to get repetitive. That’s how I roll, though, folks. *sorrynotsorry* I’m still obsessing about Jalie 2806. This is the drape top again and I love it more than the pumpkin boob drape top (I still wear said pumpkin-boob top- I kind of love it actually). But how much fun is this top in animal skin, scale print? 


You know me, I can’t say no to a good animal print. This is the original length but I did add the optional hem band.


I am getting some wrinkles above the bust but they aren’t that bad. I went back and looked and I have them on each version of this top.


These are my Eleonore jeans again. Love these things!

I have one more Jalie top to show you, and yes *hangs head*, it’s the same damn pattern. You know when you can’t get enough? Yea, that’s Jalie to me . . .

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