Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kwik Sew 3453 - Running Vest

This is an old KwikSew pattern that is long OOP. I’ve made this running vest before with the zipper down the front. This time though, I made it with just a small neck/front zipper. I wanted something that would layer under my windproof jacket on these chilly days we’ve been having lately. This is a wicking Merino wool. I didn’t take it off after these photos. It was so warm and snuggly. This is the size small. I didn’t make any changes except to add an inch above the bust (while leaving the armholes alone).



I made View B.


Some pooling in the back but I didn’t want to add a center seam for a swayback adjustment and it’s not too bad. Oh, I lied, I also added an inch to the CB so the back hem was a bit curved. The pattern has you making it straight across on the front and back.


This, by the way, is what most of my pictures look like from yesterday. My remote battery must be running low on juice so I was trying to do the shots from the timed option. You know, the “fiddle with camera, push button, run for your place, hope for the best” method.


The colors outside are really washed out. This is the true color of this knit. I used a hot pink knit for the trim.


One cool design feature of this vest is that the back wraps over to the front giving you an opportunity to embellish a little bit. I choose to do a faux-piping in the seam.


I hate the way the black interfacing is so visible.


Here you can see the wicking part of the knit and the thick pink knit I used for the edges. This is the same knit I used on that Ottobre dress the other day.


I think I’m making another Ottobre dress in the near future. This time it’s for a kid, not me!

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