Friday, September 9, 2016

My Sewing Bee Entry #1

What a busy week!!! The Sewing Bee at Pattern Review started and, of course, I was out of town for the three out of the seven days. When I got back to town, I had four days to sew up my shorts. The challenge was to make a pair of capris or shorts. The full details and rules are here

I chose to make shorts and I chose the Burda Style July 2013 pattern #105. These are called "short shorts" and understandable so. They are frickity-frackin' short. I was originally thinking these would be cute for work, but no. Just no. I really love them but they are going out shorts, not work shorts. They looked longer in the model photos.

I used a pink wool boucle I had in stash and love the way they turned out. Love them!!  Granted, they are short bootie shorts made in wool. It amuses me and I will still wear them. 

I couldn't even find tights that had designs that went that high up my leg. You can see in this picture. Oops. Slutty-McSluttertin, anyone?

I did make a muslin out of a non-stretch woven. The fit was okay, but I've been finding that adding a little length in the CB of pants is really a good thing for me. Sometimes they get a, um, little high. High in a bad place if you know what I mean . . . Here is the adjustment I did on these shorts. 

Eep! Here you can see how short they really are. This is a really cute pattern though. I can totally see me making these a few more times once I add a couple of inches to the length. The fit is great, the pleats are cute and there are big pockets. 

I lined the inside because they are wool and I plan to wear them with tights. Of course, I couldn't resist zebra print. Hellz yes. 

The waistband is just a rectangle folded in half for the facing. Usually I need something a bit more shaped, but this one fits well as is. I used a black narrow bias tape for trimming the bottom of the waistband facing. 

Pockets are also lined with the zebra print. 

How cute are the pleats? That is my favorite part. Overall, I really like how they turned out. I'm hoping they get me into Round #2. There are so many great submissions to this first round. I'm a little intimidated by the competition! I'm terrified of the "creative" round. That is NOT one of my strong points! 

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