Monday, September 12, 2016

New KwikSew Patterns -- I likee . . .

I'm usually not a big fan of Kwik Sew. Well, take that back. I'm a fan of the "old" Kwik Sew. You know, the ones printed on the thick, white paper so many years ago?? I have many of those patterns. I guess I'm not a fan of the newest, old Kwik Sews. The ones that were created the last few years when McCalls took over the line. There were way too many Becky-Home-Ec-y patterns for me. There were matching Mom-Daughter patterns and weird-ass crafts. Those, I was not a fan of. The latest couple of releases though? I may have to buy a couple of these and try them out. They are really cute. 

First, K4026. Who doesn't need a cowl-neck knit dress with a bit of flare in the bottom? I absolutely love this brown, blue version below. This dress wasn't even in their most recent release. I could wear this to work everyday and be comfortable. 

Then there is K4171, which I love. This is such a great summer dress, I think. It's got a fun cowl, or fun back ruching, or BOTH, right?? It's a Kwik Serge pattern too so it's bound to be fast and easy. 

A faux-wrap dress with fun back racerback. This is K4169. I love, love, love the striped version of this dress. 

I really think these running shorts are cute. These are K4181. I don't love the colors they use in their model photos, but I think these would be great for leg movement. The running top would be nice too if it had a FUNCTIONAL sports bra in it. One of my other Kwik Sew patterns has a dismal attempt at a sports bra. 

This is part of the newest release. I love how warm and slouchy looking this is. This is K4190 and I'm crazy for anything with stripes like this. I could imagine a whole wardrobe of these.

K4188, I love the body-con version on the left, especially in the red like they show it on the model. 

K4189, another knit top from this release. I really like this one too. Nothing too exciting, but warm, cozy, and knit yumminess. 

K4187, another knit top. Maybe my tastes have changed, but I'm really digging the skinny jeans and ANYTHING long, slouchy, knit, and warm for this winter. 

K4135, this is really similar to the one above. This is from a previous release. Can you see a pattern here (*snort*)? I'm obsessed with long, knit, and anything cowl-neck. 

This is a much older pattern, K3720. This one would really depend on the fabric. With a warm drapey knit, this would be a win. With a cowl-neck added to this, WIN!

I love this one too. It reminds me of two of the Fehr Trade patterns. How cute is that pink top on the left? Again, this would have to have a FUNCTIONAL sports bra to be awesome. 

Maybe it just took McCall-Kwik Sew a little bit longer to find their way? Their new way seems to be comfortable knit separates and active wear. This is a like a return to the REAL Kwik Sew of old. I think it's a good change and I hope they keep it up. If I actually buy any of these patterns, I will let you know post-haste.

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