Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Fabric Pretties -- Cotton+Steel

So when I'm doing the Sewing Bee, I find that I have all this extra energy while I'm waiting for the judges to announce who is moving on to the next round. I clean my sewing room (not the house, as if), I trace patterns, pet fabric, buy fabric, etc. This probably goes into the category of fabric I don't need, but it was so cute and perfect for my little people. It's quilting cotton, but I think it will be perfect for adding ruffles, making shirts, and making frilly little skirts.

These are all Cotton + Steel fabrics from I think they are so cute! I love citron with pink and purple.

I love how the Mochi balls have little faces on them.

What will I make with these new pretties? No idea. My twins girls always fight over this dress/tunic thing so that must meet it's a win. Maybe I'll make a couple of these. I'm thinking pink or purple Merino wool for the top and one of these cottons as the skirt. What do you think??

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