Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ottobre 05-2016 #3 Knit Dress

Back in August, I had told you guys that I thought there were lots of cute things in this version of Ottobre magazine. Well, this is my third make from it and so far, I’m not disappointed.


I just love simple, easy knit dresses like this. I wear things like this constantly in the winter. These are great layering pieces.


What do you think? Cute, eh?


I did a small swayback adjustment and I’m happy with it.


This back bodice on this dress wraps around to the front of the bodice to make an overlap detail. I used purple coverstitching thread for a little contrast. It’s not much, but it is there. If you look REALLY closely, you can see the dark purple thread I used to attach the back flap to the front bodice piece.


The sides of the front of the top go way, way over making this top almost not bra friendly. It’s fine as long as I push the straps to the sides. If it’s a big issue, I’ll add bra strap carriers to the side. I made my typical alterations: add 1 inch above the bust (leaving the armhoes alone) and also pinching out about 1/2” at the CF and on the back.


I think next I’ll have to make something for my kids. They are begging for more sweatshirts now that it’s getting chilly!

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Anonymous said...

Really nice!

I have this issue in my sewing room but am 40 weeks pregnant so I´ll have to wait until I know more about my size to come, haha. But this was inspiring!