Friday, February 3, 2017

Newest Ottobre Preview is up!

And I love so much in here! These are my favorites. Here’s the main Ottobre site where you can see the model photos too.

I LOVE this big, slouchy sweatshirt tunic. I love these pockets too. They are a lot like the Heather dress I just made. I love this wrap around hood too. I could live in something like this. Well, if I didn’t have to work every day. Ugh. I guess I can live in it on the weekends?


Cute leggings with an ankle zipper detail. I have made a couple pairs of Ottobre leggings and they fit me well with a few alterations. Mostly it’s their high front rise and my short legs (compared to their drafting) that must be altered. I’m curious what the back looks like.


Cute top with front ruching detail.


Simple knit dress with a little cowl in the back. I love dresses like this when I travel. They are easy to pack and can go with everything.


Cute t-shirt dress. I usually make these out of my Jalie 2805 top but it’s fun to experiment too.


I have some chambray that may need to be made into this dress. I love the stitching and the placket details. Also my new Viking makes automatic buttonholes and I haven’t really done them before.


Another cute knit dress pattern. This would be great for traveling with a couple of cardigans.


I think this coat could be cute. I really like the pockets and I think the shape is cute with the fabric ties.


I may or may not like this. I usually wear clothes that are a bit more fitted. This would be fun in the summer though.


And who can resist a bomber jacket? This would be great over a bunch of those dresses.

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