Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ottobre Shift – 02/2017 #19

Oh my goodness! Look! A real picture with a real camera! I still haven’t found a great place in my house to photograph clothes, but I’m working on it. So far, this is my favorite spot. However, it gets a crazy amount of direct sun. I wish I had a spot that was bright, but flitered. My windows are crazy-tall too so there is no covering them with something while I take pictures.

I made a knit dress from the latest Ottobre Women’s magazine. I made my typical size 34. I added my typical inch above the bust (without altering the armholes).  I think it’s okay but I’m not in love with it. I do love this fabric though. It’s an ITY from the National City Swap Meet (shocker!). It’s a very simple dress. The front is a tank with a faced soft v-neck.

The back has a tiny cowl at the neck. I wish the cowl were bigger because I feel like people might just think I don’t know how to sew clothing. I want it to be like, BAM, cowl neck in back. A cowl ON PURPOSE, not a mistake.

Of course pooling the back because, swayback.

I do like it and think it’ll be a cute little run-around dress or nice with a cardigan come spring.

I also made that cozy, long sweatshirt from the same issue but need to take pictures of it. Hope everyone is doing well. Things are getting hung up, put away, and situated in our little castle.

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