Tuesday, February 28, 2017

KwikSew 3561–Simple Knit Dress

This is one of the patterns I bought for $0.10. I didn’t really need it, because I can use my Jalie t-shirt, but it’s fun to see how things compare. This is a “Kwik and Easy” pattern so it’s really easy. This version is the long-sleeved, boatneck, long dress. I have also made the shorter version and wooo-weeeee is it short. I’ll take pictures of that one too.


It fits well, but it certainly has more ease than my Jalie pattern. I’m not surprised by that at all. I often pinch out a half inch or so in the CF and CB of a Kwik Sew pattern. Their smallest size is an XS and I make a S. If I make the XS, the other measurements seem to be out of whack, like the vertical distance between bust, waist, and hips. Overall, I like it. It’s a cute and (very!!) easy pattern. But, you can also just make one of these out of your favorite t-shirt pattern.


You can see this is a bit sloppy in the back. The belt helps hold it in. The fabric is a rayon blend and it’s so comfortable (bought at National City Swap Meet). It’s kind of like wearing secret pajamas.  


I probable could have made the neckline binding just a bit more snug.


Overall, it’s a win, but I like my Jalie t-shirt dresses more . . . maybe? (Jalie dress number 1, and number 2). This would be better with a bit pinched out of the CF and CB.

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