Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ottobre 04-2016 #30 Long Knit Tunic

I have a girly who is a tights and tunics kind of girl. She loves her sweatshirts and her cozy clothes. She occasionally likes to dress up, but mostly it is casual knits. When I saw these cozy tunics, I thought of her immediately and knew she needed them.


I used a Merino wool as the main fabric. I love this fabric in theory but every time I use it, it looks like pajamas. I have an adult t-shirt made out of this fabric and I don’t really love it either. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I just haven’t found the perfect pairing for it? In any case, the “pajama-ness” of this pattern doesn’t really help. So I’m not in love with this, but the girl is so that’s okay.
FullSizeRender (25)


I appliqued wool leaves to this in the hopes that it would be cute. Instead, siiiigh. I just don’t love it. I should have use several different colors of felt like they did in Ottobre.
FullSizeRender (26)


I used my new Viking and decorative stitching to make the raglan seams pop. I DO love this detail so that’s a win!
FullSizeRender (27)
FullSizeRender (28)


The stitches are literally perfect until . . . You know on a “normal” machine (one that is not perfect and shiny and new) you sometimes have to help the fabric run through the machine? Well, this is what it looks like when I was “helping”. Note to self: don’t help the machine. The machine knows what the hell it is doing. Leave it alone and let it do its business. I do this automatically so I really have to remind myself not to help it feed through the new Viking.
FullSizeRender (29)


She loves it and wore it with her leggings. She is also proud because she knit this hat!! Like she knit it with no help from me because I do not do that. It would be like me playing basketball. It’s not pretty.
FullSizeRender (30)


I love the pop of red with the light teal. She loves it because it is (literally) like wearing pajamas to school.
FullSizeRender (31)

Next up? Some secret sewing that I’ll be able to share with you in a month or two!!!

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