Friday, March 10, 2017

13 New Jalies!!!

Have you guys seen them? I am in love with this collection. You can see all 13 and all the pictures here. I just screenshot-ed my favorite ones. I love Jalie – clothes for me and my kids – forever. One envelope and all the sizes you could ever want. Anyway – these are my favorites. I think I see another capsule wardrobe in my future!!

A running raglan top with thumbholes AND a ponytail hole?? Instant LOVE from the runner in me!


A supportive bikini with loads of options for straps, tops, and the high and low-waisted bottoms? Um, yes please!


More running pants! They are SO FLATTERING! I love the colorblocking options here!!! I love these.


I have the perfect fabric for this. It’s a floral scuba. With black sleeves, this would be so cute! My daughters want one (but I might make one for me first).


Yes! Cozy, comfortable pants but you look like you actually got dressed. I don’t have much fabric for wovens like this. Must get more! My son would totally love these too.


I could just live in this when we are on vacation. With a cardigan, it would be perfect for work.


Love, love, love the colorblocking options for this. I also love the sports bra. It’s looks comfortable and supportive.


I wear my other Jalie skorts all the time. I’m excited that this one has a pocket in the leg. This is my uniform in the summer.

What do you guys think? Pre-orders are available now. I think they ship on the 15th of March. I might be spending a considerable chunk of change on this release. There are others too; a unitard, ballet leotard, two more raglan tops (one for men!!!), and a cool cardigan (I love the pockets).

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