Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jalie 3667 - Marie-Claude Raglan Top

Ready for some other shots of the new Jalie patterns? I may have had this pattern for quite a while. I helped sew up a couple tester versions for Jalie. They made some changes after I was done, but it’s the same basic concept. When they said thumbholes and ponytail hole, I was sold. I’ve made a couple of them and wear them all the time. I’m in love with the slouchy turtleneck too though I haven’t made one for myself.


The first is made out of a wicking polyester. I run in this one in the summer.


To non-runners, the idea of your ponytail coming through your clothes might seem weird. But, when you are running and you need a little bit of warmth from a hood, a ponytail suddenly becomes quite the dilemma. If you make it a low ponytail, then it gets on your neck and gets all sweaty and gross. I can’t handle that. Also the swish-swish-swish of the back and forth under your clothes can create a horrible rat’s nest. You can also just have a regular-height pony tail but then it’s pushed against the hood and pulls the hood back off your face. I know it seems like a little thing – a ponytail – but when you are running long distances, any small thing can become a huge thing in a hurry.  This is the perfect solution.


My second version is made from a Polartec Powerstretch knit. It is so warm, I only run in it on the coldest of days. Some days I run in –5 or –10 degrees Fahrenheit and I use this layer to keep me warm. I also wear it quite a bit just around the house with leggings. It’s so coooozy. (Why is the best picture the one where I’m talking to my husband?)

For these, I made my normal size S. As usual with Jalie, the fit is fabulous! I have a couple other tester garments to show you as well. I also finished up my second outfit for the “Cozy Twin”. I just couldn’t do a sweatshirt so I made a cute tunic with an undershirt. I think she will like it.

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