Friday, March 17, 2017

Ottobre 02-2017 #8 Slouchy Hoody

So I actually made this quite a while ago, but am only now getting around to reviewing it. I have worn this sweatshirt to death. The pockets are cozy, it’s great with tights, and it’s so comfortable. I think I will make another one of these soon.


It has inseam pockets. The directions are very clear in how to do this. I also recently made the Heather dress and the pockets are similar to that so I feel like I already know how to do it.


I had to topstitch the hood seam and used a fun decorative seam to do it.


The sweatshirt fabric is from the National City Swap Meet. The gray knit ribbing is also from the National City Swap Meet. I love that place!


Sometimes, I got the Crazy Eye . . .

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