Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jalie 3674 - Isabelle

How amazing are these new Jalie running/gym tights? I love these so much! They are flattering, comfortable, and include a cool pocket. Mine are not made out of any material from the National City Swap Meet (What???). The solid blue is a Nike Dri-fit fabric from stash. The heather blue and orange are from stash also. There is a gusset so they are super comfy for movement. This is my tester version so their “real” pattern may be slightly different. I love the colorblocking options too. I actually drew these out and colored in different designs to see what I wanted to do. I love the pop of orange.


This pocket is in the front at the waist panel and doesn’t have a closure.


You stitch into the pocket at the top and can make the opening narrow or wide. I will probably make one pair with a key clip at the bottom because I’m neurotic about losing my keys on the trail. It’s the perfect size for a couple of Gu packets, an ID, and a key or two.


Spring is almost here (it’s still in the single digits in the morning) so I’ll be making several of these for the little running people. They love flashy running tights!!

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