Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot Patterns Red Hot Mama Multi-Pocket Tote

I ordered two Hot Patterns a while back after the fiasco pants. I ordered the Red Hot Mama Multi-pocket Tote and the Deco Vibe Cosmopolitan dress. They arrived in a timely fashion but the purse pattern was missed half of the pages including the directions and the Deco Vibe dress had no directions included with it. I emailed and it took quite a while to get a response. When I did get a response, it was a nice one. They were sorry for the mistakes and they would 1) send me another purse pattern and 2) email me directions for the Cosmopolitan Dress. It was fine but it was a pain. I finally got around to making the purse. I've actually been sewing a lot even though there hasn't been much on the old blog. It's secret-sewing!!!

This baby is large; definitely a beast. I'm not sure if I love it though. the pocket in the middle is really big. I took several pictures with it on me so you can see exactly HOW big. It has three main pockets. The outer two are smaller and have all the pockets. The inner one is huge with no pockets. You can add them to the middle, of course. I used an IKEA canvas fabric for this. I wanted a firm fabric and want to use leather eventually. This is my practice bag, if you will.

I put a ton of pockets in it. It's really hard to see what I did when it's in the bag so I also drew some pictures of all the pockets. 

The inner bag is so large, I can put in an entire pair of shoes like this. Not stacking the shoes, but putting them side by side. Like I said, LARGE inner bag.

I will use it around town and then I will let you know how I like it and it's massive-ness. Here it is for scale on me.

See? She's BIG!!

One issue I had with the bag was the less-than-stellar directions. I consider myself an accomplished seamstress and I have (I think) really good spacial abilities. I can easily image how something goes together by reading the directions. This bag boggled me. There were steps that were just flat-out missing. I used the directions, the YouTube videos and a lot of wine to get through this. If I make it again, in leather, I will be more prepared. Beware if you decide to tackle it!

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