Saturday, March 17, 2018

Jalie 2563 - Running Shorts

I have tried the sports bra from this pattern before but never the running shorts. These are just a basic, no-pocket, no-frills running shorts and I love them! I didn't realize until just now that I made a huge mistake on them though. Do you see it? Just keep looking at my pictures . . .

I used a black wicking poly/Spandex blend and a random piece of poly/Spandex for the accent panels. They fit really well and I have already done a short 3 mile run in them. They performed admirably (especially considering my mistake!) and I'll be making many more of these! Forgive my sweaty-ness. This was right after my run, and since I already had them on, I decided to just take pictures too.

Do you see it yet??? I can't believe I did that! See the contrast panel on mine? Now look at the pattern picture. I turned the entire leg upside down!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH! If they fit really well like this, I'm not sure I should turn them the correct way! In other words, the part that should be around my thigh is around my waist! Is that hysterical or what?? I will have to make them the right way now and see if they fit better. I was thinking this morning that when I make them again, I will lower the CF waist by about 1/2". If you look on the pattern, it is already lowered. Hahahaha. That's what happens when you ignore the notches and just think you know better! 

Fabric is from the National City Swap Meet (the black) and JoAnns (the crazy print). 

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