Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ottobre 02-2018 #15 Knit Dress with V-Neck

Remember when I made my last Ottobre knit dress? The one with the v-neck? Do you remember that the same bodice had two different skirt options? Well, I had to try the top with the other skirt bottom. I like this one a lot too. Although, I think I like the other a-line skirt better.

Here's the line drawing. I was worried about the fabric around the hips. I knew I wanted to use a very drapey knit but one that wasn't too stretchy for the bodice. What I ended up using was a cotton knit french terry. This one is interesting because the pattern is printed on the french terry side so that the texture is facing out. It's not a fluffy french terry either. This fabric, of course, I got at the National City Swap Meet. (And does it drive anyone else bonkers that the Ottobre dress below had the chevrons slightly off center?)

I quite like how it turned out. I do like it more with the belt than without. 

See all that fabric around the hips? I was worried initially, but I think it's okay. As long as the waist is fitted, I think that the hips can have volume. One thing this dress has is huge pockets. Those are part of what create the large volume around the hips. 

Overall, another win from Ottobre!!!

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