Monday, March 26, 2018

Jalie 3458 - Flared Skirt

How cute is this skirt? Spring is totally here (I REALLY hope anyway!!) and my Spring sewing mojo is in full swing. This is the Jalie 3458 Flared Skirt. I used my normal size and I extended the panel four inches on the edges. That means this is a bit longer than the intended length. I wanted it to be work appropriate and the cover photo looked a little short for that. This skirt is dead-simple. It is four panels and one waistband with elastic. Easy!

I love circle skirt and half-circle skirts but they take so much fabric. This does not take all that much. I think it would especially fun in a striped fabric. I made this Jalie top a long time ago and I didn't even realize that I used the same fabric for the trim piece. 

I couldn't stop spinning in it. 

I love this skirt and I already have two other requests for more. Little Twinnies would like their own twirly skirts!!

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