Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bitch Fabric. Really?

So, probably most of you guys don't know I run a side business called Cabin Baby Designs (not a plug but I figure some of you will want to see). I make baby slings (pouch-style carriers for those of you who know about baby wearing). I get samples from several warehouse across the country periodically. I buy bolts (30-40 a year) of stretch twill and sateen bottomweights. So I am constantly getting samples in the mail of the new fabric they get in. This fabric showed up in my mailbox last week. Really? People would want this as a pair of pants?
Weird and funny, eh? This is a bottomweight stretch twill in two very bright colors. Yikes.
BTW: I haven't been doing much garment sewing because 1) school just ended on Friday, 2) a large order of slings just came, and 3) I was a bit fuzzy (read: hungover) for a day or so after our year-end "no-more-kids" bash.


Paula Gardner said...

Hung over? There goes my picture of the prim and proper school teacher right out the window.

And, hey, I want some Bitch pants. Really.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not one of my son's teachers, yikes! From what I've seen you write here about being a teacher I think you should consider another line of work~! Personally, if I were you I would keep my sewing blog comments about sewing and not teaching, it makes me angry when I read some of your needle in the eye comments... just wait until one of your own is struggling through school and ends up with a couple of teachers such as yourself.

Dawn said...

Anonymous, chill out. The only semi-negative thing I've ever said about teaching is that some days sticking a hot needle in your eye would be better. I think most sane people would agree. You sound like you are dealing with "bad" teachers right now. Has your son/daughter had many "bad" ones? If your son/daughter has had several in the last few years you need to think about whether it is the teachers or the kid. I don't say this unkindly. Many parents are so protective that they think their child can do-no-wrong. They find out way too late that some firm boundries and some strong consequences need to be in place. Many parents are walked all over at home and don't even realize it.

Teachers, including me, don't dislike their jobs or the kids, but yes we do get frustrated. We get very frustrated by parents who blame us instead of their children or, God forbid, their parenting. I love my job, really I do. If I didn't, I would take my educated ass to a job that actually paid real money and had real benefits.

Maybe I need some Bitch pants.

Keely said...

Oh Yeah! I just soooo want a pair of pants in that fabric - and maybe a jacket to match (snort - NOT!)
I have every sympathy for teachers. I've spent enough time in schools as a parent helper over the years to know that, whichever country, they are not paid enough or appreciated the way they should be! Some parents do have problems admitting that sometimes kids can be not-so-nice, especially if it's their child. Our son was being bullied by one boy whose parents stood and told us their son was a nice kid and it must be our son. This despite it being their child who had given my son concussion and was caught by a teacher twisting my son's arm behind his back. Apparently our son had to 'toughen up'. Hmmm, no thank you. Not if that'll make him like their child!

angie.a said...

Dawn, I definitely have days that I could wear a pair of Bitch pants, LOL!! FUNNY fabric. :D In fact, I'd almost buy some to make for my sister. She'd think it was hysterical!

I still have 2 weeks before we're out of school. I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

I have that in black with white writing. I will probably use it for some sort of tote or handbag. ;)

And don't feel bad that people think you have no right to have bad days as a teacher. I'm a mother to a 4 year old I love more than life, and there are days I would rather stick a hot needle in my eye too.

lynn said...

Hi Dawn!
I have been looking all over for the Bitch Bitch Bitch fabric. Can you tell me where I can get it or do you have it to sell?

My girlfriend and I make silly items with it. Recently, we found a yard of it and made snoods for our dog show friends and they loved them and want more. But we cannot find the fabric. Can you help us?


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the Bitch fabric? My mom has been searching for more after she found some over the summer. Any ideas of where to look would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

where you have the material come from?

Beamer said...

I've been looking for this forever! I'd like to know where to find it too.

Patty said...

Does anyone know who made that fabric? If I can get the manufacturers name I can get it, but without it, I cannot find it anywhere.

If someone can help me, please do. I am desperately needing that fabric for orders from my customers.

Please help!!!


michellecliment said...

my mom belongs to a group of women who do wonderful community service for their small town, and help a large group of homeless and down on their luck families.... up near Yosemite in CA. they call themselves the Royal Order of Full Blown Bitches. they range in age from 65 to 85... and they get a huge kick out of their name. they refer to themselves as roofbies. I found this particular fabric in Berkeley Ca and bought my mom 2 yards. She made a tote bag and an apron for the dinners they serve on thursday nights.... needless to say.... they all want one, and she was a huge hit with this apron.... I just cant find anymore.....Is there ANY chance you still have some, and do you sell it??? i will keep my fingers crossed. m

Anonymous said...

The material is mostly used by dog breeders. Do u remember the company name that sent it. She has been looking for it. Thank you. Patty

NY_LUVTOY said...

I wouild love to get some of it. WHat Company makes it?