Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coat Sew Along Muslin

I don't want to be the first to post my coat over at the main blog for the coat sew-along so I'll post it here instead. I am intimidated by such sewing prowess the ladies (no gentlemen, right?) over on that blog exhibit. That, and muslins are happening in June. I jumped the gun a bit. So, I'll post my muslin here and then post it there when I get brave . . . tee hee. I know, I'm a dork.
So, overall I like the pattern but something has to be done about the belt. It crosses at my widest part. That can't be good. The shoulder area, where I always have problems, fits great. I cut a 36 grading to a 38 in the hip region. My "buttons" are black circles I made on my computer and printed out. These are 1.25" but I made some larger and smaller to test drive the sizes.
The back is really bad because the belt sits right at the top of my butt. Everything wants to bunch up on top of it. This does not have a lining so part of that problem will go away when I line it. Now it is grippy and rides up. But look at how nicely the shoulders fit.
This is where the belt sits when I pull it down and hold still for the camera. Improvement but it makes my butt look large.
This is below my natural waist but above the pattern placement. I think it is an improvement.
This is on my lower back but above my butt.
This is the jacket all buttoned up.
Here it is at natural waist. I like it up there but then it messes up the buttons. What do you guys think?
Here is the shoulder region. I did a .25" tuck for a high bust and forgot to take a tuck out of the shoulders. I did that after I cut. That is why there is a strange fold on the shoulders. These sleeves were actually easy to set in. I am just as impressed with the Burda envelope patterns as I am the Burda WOF patterns. The fit is nice. I just have to figure out what is going on at the hip region.
And yes, I'm still waiting for my May Burda WOF. sniff.


Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, I'll be watching how this pattern works out for you. My DD and I have looked at this patter as the basis of a knock off coat that she wants.

I think the belt should sit "just" at the top of your hip. I think that the coat is too long above your waist.

Vicki said...

Some thoughts....
Your version is longer than the Burda so the belt proportion looks a bit off. So put it where you feel is best (and then move your buttons). I don't mind it on your widest part cos you are only small.

I think you would need to take it in on the hips so that the belt does not bunch up the fabric.

Shoulders looking good!!! Actually all looking good - just some tweaks to do :)

Meg said...

I'm marveling that you're ahead of the class. Looking good for a muslin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn. I think the belt looks best right there where those 2 bottom buttons are. I think it's fine if the belt covers. Maybe you could add 2 more buttons below the belt so that they show?

Sue said...

Living in Australia and never having owned a coat, I may not be a good judge, but does it need the belt? I think it might give you a smoother line without it. Looking really good otherwise.
PS I have been enjoying reading your blog - thanks for sharing your sewing with us :)