Thursday, May 29, 2008

Burda - 05-2008-104 Dress

Pattern Description: Need an easy-care travel dress that can be worn day or night? Then pack this style in your suitcase! It has a sexy cinched waist, a plunging V-neckline and extravagant waist gathers that are accentuated by a buckle.
Pattern Sizing:34-42. I made the size 34. When Burda uses a knit, I'm a 34 and with a woven I make a 36 for my shoulders.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?Yes, except I used a tab instead of a buckle.

Were the instructions easy to follow?Actually, yes. I don't know if I'm just getting used to them or if this is better than average. I love the bodice facing/lining pieces. I am using this technique on my other lined bodices. If you made this and skipped that part thinking, "I hate facings on a knit" you should glance at them so you have this technique. I almost skipped it and just did a knit binding but I'm glad I did it their way. Here is the inside. You can see all the serger tails. Oops. I did not finish the bottom on the lining because it will not ravel and I didn't want it to show through on the outside.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?I love this style. I'm not sure about this knit for this dress. I really like the belt draping part and you can't really see it with this fabric.

Fabric Used:A Gorgeous Fabrics poly/lycra knit. I really like this fabric.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:I made my usual high-bust tuck of 1/2" between shoulders and bust. I chopped about 2 inches off the hem so it is just knee length. After I put it all together I took out another inch off the side seams tapering to nothing at high hip. I also made this little tuck right above my butt. I am thinking more and more that I should be doing a swayback adjustment for dresses. What do you think? See my profile here. Isn't this basically what I did on my dress? I'm asking because I'm not sure. I raised the neckline by an inch and a half after reading the other reviews. After wearing it, I am thinking it would look better a little lower. I can go back and re-sew that part if I decide to later. I could go down the entire 1.5" and it would be fine on my "non-girls". Here is the back. I made a pintucked/topstitched woven tab to pull the waist drape together. The jury is still out whether I like it or not. I wanted to emphasize the waistband and I figured that the same busy fabric would not work. My JoAnn's only had crappy buckles.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?Yes, I would love to do a print with a dark contrast band across the stomach. And yes, make this dress!

Conclusion: Another Burda hit. Love them! Oh, and my husband did get me a subscription for Mother's Day. Wooot!


angie.a said...

Dawn, it looks fabulous! I love the print. I've got my pattern altered & ready to stitch, maybe I'll sit down tonight & cut out the real thing. I was going to skip the lining too...but you've convinced me to try it!

Adrienne said...

This is stunning! I NEVER got my May BWOF issue!!! LOL

Melissa said...

Such a cute dress! BTW, I just tagged you on my blog for a little get to know you questionnaire ~

Keely said...

Wonderful dress, Dawn! It looks great.

LauraLo said...

I love it! It's one of my top favorites from that Burda issue. And Yes, I was going to skip the lining and bind the edges.. so thanks for the heads up!

Dawn said...

angie, The lining really is cool. Everything is inside and finished off and there is NO handsewing like the Big 4.

adrienne, You never got yours? Do you have a subscription? I ordered mine from SewBaby and it took a full month to get here. SewBaby did send out another one a few days ago. I'll be mailing that back.

Meg said...

Fabulous dress on you!

BTW, to your comment about the fabric I had picked out for the coat sewalong, bouclé is very easy to sew with and it is so soft and drapeable if you go with a better-made bouclé. Don't be afraid of it! I've sewn with it several times now and still love the stuff.

Alexandra said...

Your dress is gorgeous! I love the belt tab thingie!

Vicki said...

Lovely dress - fits your beautifully.

prom dress said...

The print is awesome but what made me say wow is your footwear! It's cute and matches perfectly with the dress.