Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jalie 2787

I really love this pattern. I get good results everytime I use it and I never have to do any alterations. This is one of the tops for the mini-wardrobe contest. I am doing clothing for summer because I don't really have any.

An aside: Last summer I was dealing with post-baby weight, the summer before I was about 80 pounds larger than my normal weight (twins will do that), the two summers before than I was 55 pounds larger than my normal weight (just one!). I knew after my first child I would be having another and knew my body would change after all this. Because of that, I decided to hold off on buying any clothing for several years while I was doing my "breeding" thing. Now that I'm back to normal size and weight, I can make new clothing to my heart's content.

Here is the newest top:

I added white knit binding to the edges to show off the criss-cross feature.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that came out great!. I love the white binding. It really does kick it up a notch.

I am so jealous you are already done with one. I am still fiddling with mine. But this is good inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, I love this top! It's my second favorite thing that you've made (after your dress). Good call on the white binding, it looks great.

Maja said...

It looks wonderful! The white binding looks very nice.

kasizzle said...

I can see why you like that pattern. It looks great on you.